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Welcome to cosmopolitan Aquila Atlantis Hotel.
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The Aquila Atlantis Hotel is Herakleion’s leading luxury hotel. However, we must ask for your patience. And that is because it would take too much of your time to list all of its merits. We’ll try to keep it short.

Aquila Atlantis is ideally positioned in the heart of the city. It offers a wide vista of the historic harbor. Surrounding it are a multitude of historic monuments and museums. The business and commercial district is within arms reach.

No, we’re not done. The Aquila Atlantis hotel is sophisticated yet casual. Cosmopolitan yet contemporary. It combines comfort and lavishness. It is hospitable but also atmospheric. All year round, it offers service which exceeds even your highest expectations.

No, we’re still not done. But the rest is for you to discover.


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