Welcome to the cosmopolitan Aquila Atlantis Hotel.

The Aquila Atlantis Hotel is Herakleion’s leading luxury hotel. Ideally positioned in the heart of the city, it offers a wide vista of the historic harbor. Surrounding it are a multitude of historic monuments and museums as well as the business and commercial district.

The Aquila Atlantis hotel is sophisticated yet casual. Cosmopolitan yet contemporary.

It combines comfort and lavishness. It is hospitable but also atmospheric. All year round, it offers services which exceeds even your highest expectations.

Our interior designers combined their expertise in order to design and shape 164 rooms and 6 suites of unprecedented quality and relaxation, featuring sea views and exceptional design features. The main spaces are grand yet feel light and airy, decorated with beautiful artworks and designed with modern simplicity in mind, during our renovation in 2013, attention was paid to even the smallest of details, in order to ensure quality of the highest order through the use of fine materials, deep texture fabrics, and custom designs.

Our objective at Aquila Atlantis Hotel is to provide a pleasant balance of discreet luxury and comfort with a unique and modern aesthetic. The rooms are exceptionally quiet for undisturbed work and supreme relaxation, featuring generously sized desks and large comfortable beds that offer a most restful sleep.